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The third season of Apex Legends brought a big change to the Battle Royale game card. We take stock of all the changes.

You may have forgotten Apex Legendsbut Respawn Entertainment and EA still have big plans for their Battle Royale game. The studios launched the third season of the video game with fanfare, October 1, 2019, unveiling including for the first time a new card.

If the success of Apex Legends has largely subsided after a departure with fanfare, the discovery of this new season has still generated a renewed attention from the gamers. On the evening of October 1st, we found that there were more than 300,000 spectators on Twitch to explore together these novelties – propelling Apex in the first place of the most watched games on the video streaming platform. Since then, the numbers have dropped, with a return to normal between 18,000 and 30,000 people depending on the hours.

Here are the novelties that brings the season 3 ofApex Legends.

Crypto, the new character of Apex Legends // Source: YouTube / Apex

A new snow map

Apex Legends has never changed its map since its release in February 2019. Now is the case: welcome to World's Edge (the end of the world, literally). The map is a mixture of frosted areas (after an explosion) and neighborhoods containing lava.

For now, the previous map, Kings Canyon, is not available anymore.

New map Apex Legends // Source: Reddit / Apex Legends

Crypto, the new character on Apex Legends

Respawn had already given a preview, it is now official: a new character has come to swell the ranks of Legends playable in Apex Legends. His name is Crypto and works in the shadows. With his drone, he can spot enemies from a distance – and help his squad do the same.

  • Passive capacity : his neurolien allows him to detect opponents within 30 meters,
  • Tactical ability : his drone can fly over the surroundings to observe the outside
  • Ultimate : the drone can send electromagnetic discharges that make the traps of others ineffective and can do damage to opponents' shields.

A new battle pass

A new battle pass (the concept was introduced in March 2019 for the first time) has also been released. As usual with Apex Legends, it is not revolutionary, but gives access to virtual currency, new skins (one of which dark Lifeline … very dark), as well as decorations for weapons – there is even the possibility of adding custom "grigris".

It costs around 9.5 euros (950 Apex Coins).

A new weapon

Note that this season 3 also marks the appearance of a new weapon, the Charge Rifle, which sends a very powerful discharge after a few seconds of charge – note that when you aim, some damage is already inflicted.

The Rifle Charge of Apex Legends // Source: Reddit

Photo credit of the one:
YouTube / Apex

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