Next INpact et INpact Hardware vous souhaitent une bonne année 2020 !

2019 is now behind us, 2020 begins. A year of importance for Next INpact and its team, between the arrival of the site v7 and our magazine.

The year 2020 which begins will have a particular taste for us. It will be the 20th anniversary of the launch of INpact Hardware, which marked the beginning of our common adventure.

But above all, you will discover in a few days the first copy of our magazine, now printed and in the process of delivery for all those who decided to support us through our campaign. crowdfunding a little over a year and a half ago. If you have not yet ordered it, you can do so through our online store.

2019 has been a complicated year for us, with many projects to tackle in a fairly complex context, especially from a financial point of view. But we are still here, determined to celebrate this anniversary! And we hope to be able to thank you with the launch of the site v7, on which we are working.

An increasingly ubiquitous "tech"

But 2020 will also be a pivotal year in the digital field, especially two years before a presidential election, with many deadlines by then both in France and abroad. The position of platforms and their impact on our societies will be one of the essential challenges after the first actions carried out in recent years.

The arrival of 5G should mark an important milestone, as online business models continue their slow and difficult evolution. The battle of connected objects, the rise of algorithms and "AI" in our lives, will also be important topics. Particularly for the legislator and the regulators, since they are still too often done so as to make the customers captive within closed ecosystems, in the uncertain future.

This, while there are conversely movements that go in a direction more beneficial to all such as the rise of open hardware in addition to free software, against well-established giants, with greater transparency on data and privacy management or even the social and ecological impact of technologies.

The importance of a critical eye, which is not limited to the surface

So many initiatives that you have to know how to peel with a critical eye, which is never easy in a sector that brews billions every quarter. Especially with ubiquitous actors in our lives, who know how to exploit advertising and influence networks to keep their place. Like others before them.

Especially since the world of new technologies is still too often presented as a kind of magic powder that would solve all problems without (apparent) complexity. The way in which it all works conceals essential issues, both in technical and commercial aspects, which must be able to be deciphered.

But the speed with which new products develop prevents too often an analysis with the necessary hindsight, far from marketing and the "bullshit" sometimes maintained by manufacturers and other giants of online service. In 2020, we will therefore continue to try to help you see more clearly. This, in the coming days with the opening of the CES in Las Vegas where our “ French Tech Will still be present in force.

But without you and your support, none of this would be possible. So thank you for participating in this joint adventure that have been INpact Hardware and Next INpact for almost 20 years! You are the guarantors of our independence and our freedom of tone. Happy New Year everyone, and see you next year!

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